Don’t Follow Us if All You Want is a Follow Back

Don’t Follow Us if All You Want is a Follow Back

How do I even begin this post…. Well, let’s start with why I decided to write it. We received a message on Instagram where someone told us that they love our ‘follow friday’ concept (where we showcase some of our favourite accounts in our Instagram stories) only for them to then ‘guilt us’ for not following them back.

The thing is. This isn’t the first message we’ve received like this. We constantly receive messages like: ‘Follow me’, ‘Hello I followed you can you follow me’, ‘We want to unite the food community make sure to follow our account’ and ‘F4F’, the list goes on. And for months we’ve just taken the high road and have ignored those messages or have followed the account. But honestly, I’m fed up of these shady, bullsh*t methods that people are doing to get followers. Let’s dig into a few of those methods and our thoughts on them.

Following and Unfollowing

Now to be perfectly honest. We’ve done this one before. We understand how appealing this method is to grow followers, cause honestly. It works. It really does work. But nothing makes you feel like more of a garbage human being (for us at least) than mass going through your feed and unfollowing people. Particularly so when you click that unfollow button and the ‘following’ button changes to ‘follow back’ (meaning that they follow you).

This method is great at increasing your follower numbers, by tens, by twenties, by hundreds. But it sucks, and we stopped doing it for the following reasons:

  • You don’t get real followers. Yes you follower count may be 100 followers higher but it’s unlikely that your engagement will rise at all. The type of people that follow back after you followed them are not the type of followers you want. Typically they don’t actually care about your content and therefore, never engage with it.
  • If people notice, your ‘brand’ is ruined in their eyes. I know we’ve had big accounts follow us and we’ve been really excited about it, only to notice later on that we’d been unfollowed. It ruined our opinion of that account.
  • Your feed becomes absolute garbage. When we tried following and unfollowing, our feed became filled with accounts and content that we didn’t really care about. As such, we lost connection with the people we were following previously and wanted to build relationships with.

Asking People to Follow you

Do I even need to explain why this one is bad? It’s just so desperate and unnecessary.

Trying to Guilt People into Following You

This is what happened in the scenario we featured at the beginning and it really sucks. It’s happened to us a lot and usually we’d just follow the account but this time we had enough. It makes you feel crappy and it tarnishes your opinion of the person who’s guilting you into the follow. You’ll never truly be able to appreciate their content and what they say.

Final Thoughts

Here’s the thing, if people like your content they’re going to follow you. Just create great content and be a great person and the followers will come. You don’t need to mass follow and unfollow, ask for followers or guilt people into following you.


Hey! I’m Lydia, one half of Foodie Couple Adventures. Alongside loving food and travel, I’m a marketing maniac. I currently work in digital marketing and am extremely passionate about it! Blogwise I write a bit of everything. From recipes, to travel guides, to relationship advice.


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