The Leederville Food Safari: Our Thoughts

The Leederville Food Safari: Our Thoughts

Welcome to another blog where we review a place/experience that we would had never have gone to if it weren’t for someone else. In our previous post An Honest C Restaurant Review we reviewed the C Restaurant after being given vouchers for Lydia’s birthday – and if it weren’t for those vouchers we would have never gone there.

Our experience with the Leederville Food Safari was similar. On that same birthday where Lydia was gifted the vouchers for the C Restaurant she was also gifted vouchers for the Leederville Food Safari. And if it weren’t for these vouchers we would never have experienced the Leederville Food Safari, because honestly, we had never heard of it before.

About The Leederville Food Safari

Without going into full detail we thought we’d briefly run you guys through the Leederville Food Safari and what it’s actually about. Simply put, the Leederville Food Safari is a 3 course dining experience where each course is served at a different location – the travel between those locations is done on a rickshaw.

The Leederville Food Safari website describes the experience as ‘an original urban dining adventure’ which includes a ‘tour de force of the suburb’s most exclusive eateries’.


Before we dive into our experience of the Leederville Food Safari we first want to share our frustrations in making a booking. It took us approximately a month to book in. The process to booking was as follows:

  1. Firstly we filled out a contact form on the website, to which we did not receive a response.
  2. A week later we called the company and left a voicemail, to which, again, we did not receive a response.
  3. We then called again, to which we did not receive a response.
  4. We then called the booking software company that is used on the website to which they recommended we call the Foam Coffee Bar.
  5. We then called the Foam Coffee Bar who told us to call the Kitsch Bar.
  6. The Kitsch Bar did not answer the phone (as they were closed) so we emailed the Kitsch Bar who then gave us the email of the Leederville Food Safari.
  7. We emailed the Leederville Food Safari on our Foodie Couple Adventures email and within a week we had a response and a booking.

Now we do not know why the company was such a pain the arse to get in touch with, maybe their contact form was broken and their phone was down, whatever it was, we wanted to be honest about our experience and let you know how frustrating the booking process was for us.

Stop 1: Ria Malay Kitchen

Once we arrived in Leederville our first stop was the Ria Malay Kitchen. Immediately upon entering the door we were greeted by a staff member who seated us. Another staff member came over and gave us a drinks menu and asked if we wanted to order a drink, we politely declined and just asked for water.

We were handed a menu which detailed the food we would be having that evening. It consisted of the following:

Entree: Traditional chicken satay with homemade peanut sauce, loh bak – lean pork, yam beans marinated in five spice, rolled in beancurd sheets and crispy lotus chips with homemade chilli sambal.

Main: Authentic thai green chicken curry with eggplant and thai basil, crunchy asian slaw with peanut dressing and roti bread & coconut jasmine rice.

Dessert: Sweet treats & cakes and either a cup of darkstar coffee or tea.

Soon enough our entrees were brought over. The entree however did not entirely match the entree listed in the menu, the entree we were given did not have any lotus chips, instead we had a fried mushroom ball. The fried mushroom ball was relatively nice, it was basically a fried, bread crumbed ball that was full of mushrooms. The satay chicken was nice (Lydia couldn’t stop raving about the homemade peanut sauce). And the loh bak lean pork (which was wehan’s favourite of the three) was also nice. Overall we were pleased with the entree.

Leederville food safari entree

After finishing our entree we were told our driver was outside waiting for us and were escorted outside to him.

The Bike Ride

Our driver was a young man who was extremely friendly. He greeted us, introduced himself and asked if we would like a picture in the rickshaw (we politely declined as we showed up to this event looking casual and messy AF after a day of gardening).

The driver then hopped on the bike and pedalled his way to our next location. The driver looked like he was getting a work out and cycled as fast as possible to our next location.

Honestly we found the bike ride an awkward experience. We honestly felt a little guilty having this guy cycle as we lounge around in the back and felt a little embarrassed at the weird looks we received as our driver cycled through the street on the road. We feel as though the cycling experience was one that you’d either love or hate – and for us it was an experience that we’d pass on.

In addition to this, upon re-reading through their website and realising that the drivers were explained to not only be ‘adept at navigation but also a font of knowledge when it comes to the local area’ which would make ‘for a memorable, ambient, amble experience; touring the burgeoning street art scene and uncovering the hidden Leederville between courses’ we realised that our driver provided no ‘tour’ of Leederville. Instead he pedalled his way to our next location, as quick as possible, without providing any conversation. Honestly we weren’t bothered by this but recognise that it could be disappointing for someone who was expecting more of a tour of Leederville.

Stop 2: Kitsch Bar

After arriving at the Kitsch Bar we were again greeted by a staff member who seated us and handed us a menu. The staff member, similarly to the last brought over a drinks menu and asked if we wanted a drink. Again, we politely declined and asked for water.

After a couple of minutes of waiting for our mains we noticed that the menu we were given had a different main listed to the mains that were listed on the menu at the Ria Malay Kitchen.

The mains on this menu were listed as follows: authentic thai green chicken curry with eggplant and thai basil, green papaya salad with tamarind dressing and roti bread and coconut jasmine rice.

Honestly the main listed in the first menu, the crunchy asian slaw, sounded more appealing, so we crossed our fingers that that’s the main that would show up.

Unfortunately for us the main that we were given was the green papaya salad, which we did not enjoy. The dish didn’t have anything specifically wrong with it, it was just not our ‘type of dish’ so we didn’t eat much of it.

leederville food safari main papaya salad

The thai green chicken curry and the roti bread and coconut jasmine rice however were AMAZING. The thai green chicken curry was full of flavour and was enjoyed by us both.

leederville food safari main thai green curry

After eating we were sat around at our table for approximately 1 hour waiting for our driver to take us to our next location. This did feel exceptionally long, especially as we were eager to go to our next location. However the itinerary for the night did say that we would spend approximately 1 hour at each location and we arrived much earlier than this at Kitsch. Perhaps if we had ordered a few drinks along the way (which we expect a lot of people would usually do) the wait would not have been/ would not have felt so long.

Stop 3: Foam Coffee

Our final stop was the Foam Coffee bar. We were immediately greeted by a friendly staff member who seated us and took our order. We were first given a choice of any drink off the menu, seeing as it was a warm night we chose an iced mocha and an iced chocolate. In addition to the drinks we were given a choice of any sweet treat from their display, we chose a slice of caramel popcorn cake and a caramel slice.

The drinks were refreshing and were okay taste-wise, the mocha tasted more like an iced coffee as it did not have much of a chocolate taste to it and the iced chocolate tasted like a homemade iced chocolate made with the Cadbury’s drinking chocolate powder. They were nice, but they were nothing special.

The desserts were delicious. The caramel popcorn cake was yummy, it was a light cake that featured a thick coat of buttercream and caramel without being sickly – which was impressive! The caramel slice was exceptionally delicious and was a perfect sweet ending to the night.

Leederville food safari dessert

Overall Experience

Overall we were pleased with the experience and were glad that we were given vouchers for the Leederville Food Safari. That’s twice now that we’ve enjoyed somewhere new. Maybe it’s a sign that we need to be a little more adventurous and go try places that we wouldn’t usually go to. If you have any suggestions let us know!


Hey! I’m Lydia, one half of Foodie Couple Adventures. Alongside loving food and travel, I’m a marketing maniac. I currently work in digital marketing and am extremely passionate about it! Blogwise I usually write business advice, lifestyle, relationship talk, recipe, food and travel blogs.



  1. February 13, 2019 / 12:49 pm

    Thanks for the honest review. Really interesting. Glad you enjoyed some of the food.
    I’ve heard about this safari and seen it in action for a few years now. I am put off by the rickshaw part, as you described could be quite awkward if the driver doesn’t make conversation and also would be awkward being carted through crowds of people lol.
    A good read!

    • admin
      February 14, 2019 / 12:49 pm

      Thank you for your feedback! We’re so glad to hear you enjoyed our post. 😊 Exactly, the rickshaw part was incredibly awkward!!

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