Paper Avenue – One of The Best Cafes in Perth’s Northern Suburbs


One of the best cafes in Perth’s Northern suburbs. Yep. We know. That’s a big statement. There are a lot of fantastic cafes in the Northern suburbs. But we stand by our opinion that Paper Avenue is one of the best cafes in Perth’s Northern suburbs. Let’s get into why.

The Food

Okay so, I presume that the main reason you’re reading this is to hear about the food! Paper Avenue has an all day menu that features breakfast and lunch items. Their menu includes gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.

On our first visit to Paper Avenue we had the sweet buttermilk pancakes and the bacon and halloumi bruschetta. Both dishes were delicious.

The sweet buttermilk pancakes is a sweet dish that features apple and cinnamon compote with maple oat clusters, mascarpone and vanilla custard on top of buttermilk pancakes. Every element of the dish worked perfectly together.

buttermilk pancakes perth

The bacon and halloumi bruschetta is a savoury dish that features thick-cut bacon, grilled halloumi, poached egg, sautéed spinach and chutney served on toasted ciabatta with a balsamic glaze. Are you drooling yet? I know we were when we read the menu. The best part? The dish tasted EVEN better than it sounds.

On our second visit to Paper Avenue we decided to order two savoury dishes. We had the chicken brioche and the beef brisket brioche. Again both dishes were delicious. They were paired with potato wedges and were both pretty filling dishes.

Chicken Brioche beef brisket brioche

On our second visit we also had a slice of oreo cheesecake. After the brioches we were feeling pretty full but of course we still had room for dessert! The cheesecake was divine, it paired so perfectly with the decorative strawberries and whipping cream. And unlike most cheesecakes the oreo cheesecake was not sickly sweet, it was just right!

The Drinks

Now onto the next important part; the drinks. It’s important that a cafe has great drinks to pair with a delicious meal or for sipping on by themselves (if you’re skipping food). On our first visit to Paper Avenue we had a turkish delight hot chocolate, a caramel latte frappe and a strawberry swoon bubble tea. All of them tasted incredible. The strawberry swoon bubble tea however was an absolute stand out for us. The balls inside the bubble tea were filled with flavour packed strawberry syrup.

On our second visit to Paper Avenue we had the strawberry swoon bubble tea again and coffees.

The Staff, The Atmosphere & The Suburb

The staff at Paper Avenue are such genuinely nice and friendly people. Every time we visited Paper Avenue we felt so welcomed by the staff. There’s not once we weren’t greeted by a smiling face.

Additionally the setup inside the cafe itself is beautiful and bright. The cafe decor combined with the friendly staff makes for a relaxed, positive atmosphere. The perfect place for brunch or catching up with friends over coffee.

Paper Avenue is based in Joondalup. It is a short 6 minute walk from the Joondalup shopping centre and a 12 minute walk from the train station. After your visit to Paper Avenue there’s plenty to do in Joondalup. You could spend the day shopping at the Joondalup shopping centre, or you could go for a walk around Lake Joondalup.

There you go!

And that’s it. Where do you guys think is the best cafe in the northern suburbs? Have you been to Paper Avenue and do you agree with us or do you have a recommendation of somewhere else we should try out? Let us know.

Disclaimer: We just wanted to add a quick disclaimer to say that we were invited to Paper Avenue on both visits. These visits were completely unrelated to the blog. We were simply invited to try out the menu. We decided to put this blog post together months after our initial visit.


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