Our Second Visit to Meet and Bun

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This blog is long overdue. Like seriously overdue. We apologise for how infrequently we’ve been posting on our site. But now we are back and we will hopefully start posting regularly from now on.

Anyway, in our post today we wanted to talk about our second visit to Meet and Bun and also delve deeper into our first experience with Meet and Bun.

Lets get into it. Or as Wehan said while editing this… ‘lettuce start’.

Our First Visit to Meet and Bun

A couple of weeks ago we posted a review on our first time at Meet and Bun. Now this wasn’t just any review, it was a bad review. We were super hesitant about posting our review as we knew it would be an ‘unpopular opinion’ but we like to keep our page as honest as possible, so we put it up.

The thing is we had been eyeing up Meet and Bun since we started our Instagram account. Their food looks AMAZING, their food is insta-worthy and they have fantastic reviews to match! Everyone always seemed to rave about Meet and Bun. We had really high expectations.

We ordered the Ari Gold burger, the Big Daddy burger and a loaded cheese fries with added bacon. The food came out and it looked INCREDIBLE. The food looked exactly how it looks in their Instagram pictures – delicious. The taste however was another story. The second we took a bite out of our burgers we both looked at each other confused. We both felt as though our burgers were EXTREMELY vinegary, so much so that when we finished the burgers our tongues were burning. Unfortunately this actually made the burgers pretty unpleasant, cancelling out every other flavour that the burger may have had. The fries were ok but we ate them after the burgers and couldn’t get the vinegar taste out of our mouths.

The burgers were so vinegary that we knew it must have been some type of error… and that’s what we put in our Instagram post. We said that maybe it was a one off and too much sauce had been put on the burgers or maybe we just had weird tastebuds! Either way, sadly Meet and Bun didn’t live up to our expectations.

We questioned whether we would go back… because honestly there are so many incredible food places in Perth that we still haven’t tried why would we go back to somewhere where we had a bad experience.

The Inbetween

Within 24 hours of posting our review on Instagram Meet and Bun contacted us. Honestly we were dreading reading the message because we recognise how upset business owners can get when they receive a negative review. But boy were we suprised. The owner of Meet and Bun messaged us and was extremely apologetic. He explained that the onions on the burger are marinaded in a vinegar type mix however this mix is precisely measured and usually they never have an issue with it. We were also offered a voucher and were invited back to any Meet and Bun store.

We commended Meet and Bun on their customer service, their response and the way they dealt with the negative review, which was phenomenal. We also accepted their offer of revisiting the store because after our first post a few of you guys contacted us saying that we should go back.

Our Second Visit to Meet and Bun – AKA. What You’ve All Been Waiting For!

We went for our second visit about a month after our first. This time we ended up going to their Mount Lawley store rather than their Fremantle store. We didn’t consciously make the decision to go to a different store, it’s just that Mount Lawley was closer to us that day.

We ordered 3 shakes, 1 sundae, 4 burgers and a loaded fries. I know right… A LOT of food. But we wanted to use the voucher in one trip rather than having multiple different trips and we took photos at the store and then took the food as takeaway so we could spread it out throughout the day – rather than eating an obnoxious amount of food in one go or wasting the food.

Before we get into our opinions on the food we just wanted to briefly note how great the service was in store. The staff were so friendly and welcoming.

Okay so first up the shakes. We’ve already posted our thoughts on the black forest shake on our Instagram but to recap our post said ‘This shake was INCREDIBLE – they really managed to capture that authentic black forest flavour. We couldn’t stop sipping.’ We weren’t exaggerating, the shake was seriously that good. The other 2 shakes were just as delicious. The other 2 shakes we had were the salted caramel shake and the cookies and cream shake. Salted caramel shakes are hard to get right, typically you either get a shake that is too sickly or too salty! But Meet and Bun managed to capture a perfect blend. The final shake, the cookies and cream shake was thick, rich and delicious, it tasted exactly like melted connoisseur cookies and cream icecream…. do we need to say anything else?!

*I would like to note that at this point of editing Wehan turned to me and said “this is too long”. So if you’re still here at this point, thank you! You have a greater attention span than Wehan.*

We also ordered the cheese fries (with added bacon) again. And we were very happy with them. We would definitely recommend adding bacon to the fries as they added a whole new dimension to the chips!

Now onto the burgers. The first burgers we tried were the two chicken burgers; the Dark Knight and the Mother Clucker.

As said on their menu the Dark Knight burger featured ‘secret herbs & spices blend southern style fried free range chicken with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, southwest slaw and chipotle mayo in a warm charcoal infused brioche bun. This burger was HUGE. The chicken was so thick and juicy and the slaw was fresh and refreshing. Every ingredient complimented the other perfectly, and it was delicious!

As said on their menu the Mother Clucker burger featured ‘secret herbs & spices blend southern style fried free range chicken with house made herb mayo, shredded lettuce and pickles in a warm potato bun. This burger was also delicious. Less extreme than the Dark Knight burger this burger still featured the thick juicy chicken that we mentioned previously, making it a pretty big burger.

And finally the last two burgers. We felt as though we had to give the original burgers we tried at our first visit another go. Just so we could see whether our first experience was purely a one off. And it was. The burgers were delicious. These two burgers were the Ari Gold and the Big Daddy.

As said on their menu the Ari Gold burger featured ‘ WA locally sourced organic beef with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, cheddar cheese, mustard and chipotle mayo in a warm potato bun’.

As said on their menu the Big Daddy burger featured ‘double WA locally sourced organic beef patties with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, cheddar cheese, double smoked bacon, mustard and chipotle mayo in a warm brioche bun.

With both of these burgers you could still taste that vinegary taste but only slightly. This time the vinegar taste complimented the dish rather than ruined it, which we were pleased about. Overall both burgers were pretty delicious in their own right. And both were pretty big burgers!

Our Final Thoughts

Before we leave I sort of wanted to conclude this by just expressing the importance of giving businesses another go. For us our first experience with Meet and Bun was clearly an anomaly, our second experience is what confirmed that. Overall we were very happy with our second visit to Meet and Bun and we were exceedingly happy with their phenomenal customer service. I’m sure we’ll visit Meet and Bun again in the future.


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