About Us

Hi! We are Lydia and Wehan, also known as Foodie Couple Adventures.

It’s hard to explain what we are. Some would call us food bloggers, food photographers, gamers, streamers, content creators or influencers.. but really we are just two people who love food and each other!

While we started off Foodie Couple Adventures sharing food shots we now share everything about our love, lives and meals! Basically, we post about relationship things, travel, gaming and food.

Meet Lydia

Lydia Foodie Couple Adventures Eating BurgerHi, I’m Lydia!

Even though I’ve been in Australia majority of my life I am English and was born in Birmingham. I don’t have the accent to prove it except when I’m angry – Wehan says that when I shout my brummy accent comes out!

My passion is in digital marketing. I am digital marketing OBSESSED – I’ve had a fascination in digital marketing (particularly social media) for as long as I can remember however this obsession blossomed during my years at university where I studied a bachelor of business with a major in marketing. It was during my degree that I suggested to Wehan that we create an Instagram account to share pictures of our food.

My role in Foodie Couple Adventures is running all of our social media accounts, working on business collaborations and running this blog. Alongside these tasks I am co photographer and videographer – Wehan and I usually take turns depending on who ‘has the vision’ and isn’t hangry that day!

Meet Wehan

Wehan Foodie Couple Adventures Eating Pizza

Hey, I’m Wehan!

I have also been in Australia majority of my life however I was born in Pretoria in South Africa. Afrikaans was actually my first language however after spending so much time with Lydia (who only speaks English) my Afrikaans skills are a little rusty!

My role in Foodie Couple Adventures is co photographer, videographer and editor. In addition to this I am the technology man – any new software/equipment I’m in charge of researching and making the decisions on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been dating?

We are actually high school sweethearts and have been dating 9 years.

How did you two meet?

Though we didn’t talk at the time we actually went to the same primary school. Our lives crossed paths in high school and after 1 year of Wehan chasing Lydia we finally started dating on the 14th of February 2011. We’ve been dating ever since.

Who is Korbin?

Korbin is our beautiful little cat! We brought home Mr Korbin on the 21st of November 2018 from a foster carer at Saving Animals Matters. Korbin was found without a mumma and was hand raised by his foster carer so he’s the sweetest, most affectionate little man who runs over for snuggles and kisses, loves a good belly tickle and chases Lydia’s moms dogs around our house! To be honest, he doesn’t even act like a cat, he’s basically a dog that can climb.

Who is Keeko?

Keeko is our second little kitty! We brought home Keeko on the 12th of May 2019 from City Farmers Clarkson. He was there as part of Cat Haven’s adoption program. Keeko came all the way from Kalgoorlie to find a new home. He is a beautiful little boy. He’s a shy boy but as soon as he’s warmed up to you he’s a real sweetie. He is a very noisy boy who makes the funniest little chirpy noises all the time. Him and Korbin are like two peas in a pod, they snuggle together, sleep together, eat together and play with each other. Fun fact about Keeko: his ‘original’ name was storm, we renamed him to Keeko which means ‘blessed child’.

Are you married?

No we are not married or engaged (yet!).

How old are you guys?

We were both born in 1997 so as of right now we are 23 years old. Lydia’s birthday is on the 4th of February and Wehan’s birthday is on the 6th of June.

What camera do you use?

For our photos we currently use a Sony Alpha 7III. In addition to this we occasionally use our phones which are the Samsung Note 8 and the Samsung Note 9.

What do you guys do for work?

Lydia is currently a full time digital marketing strategist – basically this just means that she does things to websites so that they rank high on Google!

Wehan is currently working in retail.

Aside from social media and gaming what hobbies do you guys have?

Lydia enjoys anything creative, whether it’s scrolling through Insta to get content ideas or spending the afternoon cooking and baking. In addition to this Lydia enjoys aerial dance – many years ago Lydia was actually an aerial dance instructor, teaching and performing pole dance, lyra, aerial silks and fire arts.

If Wehan isn’t running around working on something around the house, like painting, tending to our garden or building some sort of furniture, Wehan is usually watching car and tech YouTubers or playing PC games. In addition to this Wehan enjoys cycling.