5 Spots to Eat at in Joondalup

Wondering what food spots there are in Joondalup? In short, there's loads. Joondalup has a number of fantastic places to eat, depending on what you're after. We've decided to put together a post on 5 spots that we've eaten at before (and recommend) in Joondalup.

Our Interview with a Couples Therapist

Yes, you heard us correctly. We interviewed a couples therapist! We've never had couples therapy but we've always been intrigued by it and how it can transform and strengthen relationships. This interview was our opportunity to ask any questions we had about the in and outs of couples therapy.

5 Things We Learnt This Year

$25000 of debt, kicked out of uni, the death of a family member. It's time to finally talk about all the crap we went through this year and what we learnt from it. It's been one heck of a year but we learnt so much.

What Christmas Looked Like For Us As Kids

We both had a pretty different upbringing and different Christmas traditions, which resulted in our Christmases being completely different from one another. Since we found it pretty interesting and seeing as it's Christmas Eve today, we've decided to share with you guys what Christmas looked like for us as kids.

What to Buy Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend for Christmas

Now, this blog isn't going to be like every other. We promise we won't recommend socks, candles or jewellery. We're going to recommend gifts that your partner is actually going to enjoy. Or, what we would enjoy at least.

Paper Avenue – One of The Best Cafes in Perth’s Northern Suburbs

One of the best cafes in Perth’s Northern suburbs. Yep. We know. That’s a big statement. There are a lot of fantastic cafes in the Northern suburbs. But we stand by our opinion that Paper Avenue is one of the best cafes in Perth’s Northern suburbs. Let’s get into why.

8 Perth Date Night Ideas

Okay, so, you're either trying to spice things up a little, you're a date night master but after years of successful date nights you're now running out of ideas, or you're going on a first date and are freaking out cause you have no idea where to go. Whichever it is, we're here to help. In this post we've put together 8 date night ideas in Perth.

The 7 Types of Love – The Key to a Successful Relationship

Most people only know love as love. We’re here to tell you it’s not. There are actually 7 types of love. Understanding them is the key to a successful relationship and is key to understanding why certain relationships don’t work! Make sure to read this post. It’s a game changer.

5 Tips for Post Holiday Blues

You've just had the most amazing holiday. You explored, you relaxed, you wined and dined, you slept in till noon. But now, you're back at work, and the post holiday blues have hit. You're not alone, post holiday blues are common. So let's talk about how you can work through them.

How to Grow Your Instagram: Tips From Your Favourite Perth Foodie & Lifestyle Accounts

After one of our last posts where we called out shady Instagram techniques we decided to reach out to some of our favourite perth foodie and lifestyle accounts to grab their tips for Instagram growth.

3 Ingredient Gluten Free Strawberry Mousse

Looking for a strawberry mousse recipe that is quick and easy to make, gluten free and delicious? You've come to the right place. After a weekend of strawberry picking we had an abundance of strawberries and no idea what to do with them. Here’s what we ended up doing.

What to do in Yanchep National Park

If you're like us, when you think of 'national park' you think, grass, flowers and picnics, but the Yanchep National Park is SO much more than that. To showcase how much there is to do at the Yanchep National Park we've decided to put together this blog post.

5 Food Photography Tips for Beginners (Restaurant Owners and Newbie Food Bloggers)

Want to take better food photography pictures for your social media or marketing material? Make sure to read our blog. We’ve put together a few tips, tricks and techniques for food photography beginners.

Don’t Follow Us if All You Want is a Follow Back

We're fed up of these shady, bullsh*t methods that people are doing to get followers. And it's time we talk about it. Let's dig into a few of those methods and our thoughts on them.

10 Minute Tofu Laksa

Want a laksa recipe that's quick and easy? You've come to the right place. This recipe has quickly become our go to for whenever we're time poor (or just have no idea what to cook!). Want to find out how to make it? Read our recipe here...